Here's a handful of my favorite stories from nearly a decade's worth of published work:

At DailyCandy, I ate, and ate, and ate my way around town at Fat Rice, Leghorn Chicken, Plein Air Cafe, and Cellar Door Provisions. I highlighted fascinating finds inside Eataly, the season's best fashion, as well as local pieces—marbled ceramics, jewelry, bolos—all made by women. Other ladies I met and loved: ones that run this genius food blog, book-loving writers and editors, a body-oil-developing make-up artist and hairstylist, and a courageous documentarian. I helped make a heart-shaped flower arrangement, wrap an adorable present, and pretend to be a model. I even chronicled my experience getting a super-cheap massage and my hilarious attempts at learning Winter Olympic sports.

I helped launch the editorial component of a lifestyle website apartment number 9, a menswear store. I developed the brand's voice, planned the editorial calendar, and interviewed super successful guys from around the country, including Lady Gaga's producer, chef Dale Talde, and photographer Paul Octavious. We also covered beermakers, musicians, penmakers, and offered city guides and cookout tips.

As a freelancer writer for Splash, the lifestyle weekend section of the Chicago Sun-Times, I wrote stories about fitness experts, race car drivers, restaurants and local collectors.

At Country Living, where I worked for 3+ years, I managed the lifestyle section of the magazine, covering decorating, entertaining, crafts, and gardening. It was here that I developed a love for crafting, learning to use my hands in fresh, new ways that didn't involve a computer keyboard. I conceived and executed crafts that were often featured on the cover; I interviewed top party planners and interior designers. The magazine even featured my wedding in my home state of Kentucky—a very DIY affair, natch.

In the time I spent working at O at Home (Oprah’s shelter spin-off), I covered everything from books to shopping pieces. I also earned one of my favorite (and first) feature stories, interviewing notable people about their collections. One of all-time favorite authors, Dr. Maya Angelou, was in the mix. Interviewing her was a true career highlight.

My first job in national magazines was at In Style, working on the special issues (Weddings, Home, and Makeover). I wrote about such groundbreaking topics as high-waisted jeans, bob haircuts, and celebrity wedding trends. But it was a fantastic, fast-paced introduction to national magazines and the fashion industry.