Photo by Julia Stotz

I was born and raised in the South, primarily in a small Kentucky town known for horses, bourbon, and basketball (give me the first two, skip the last). I've always dabbled in the arts, learning to paint early on from my grandmother, an artist, to piano lessons, singing ensembles, a dozen theatre performances, and 10-plus years of classical ballet training. A curiosity for life and a love of the written word made journalism a natural choice for me as a major at the University of Richmond in Virginia.

Moving to New York after college with my girlfriends was a dream come true—but far from an easy one. I learned to love, then hate, then love the city, and to work harder than I've ever worked. I started as an assistant to an editor-in-chief at a national magazine and rose through the ranks to senior editor. In 2012, I moved to Chicago with my husband so that he could attend medical school. For more than a year, I wrote for national and regional publications, and launched the editorial section of a menswear website. I was the Chicago editor of DailyCandy, and I've worked as a freelance creative strategist and writer for brands such as Crate & Barrel, CB2, and Trunk Club. See samples of my written work here.