Go big or go baby

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Everywhere I turn, I find a new floral, striped, polka-dot, geometric-print desk accessory designed to perk up your cubicle. Sure, they're all cute, and lord knows I love a great pattern. But there's something about those standard wood and metal objects that feel perfectly classic to me. I love thinking that my mom or dad might've used them back in elementary school in the '50s. Plus, I'm pretty sure my husband doesn't want the teeny space alloted for a desk in our bedroom to scream "I'm a cute, trendy girl!"

While doing some back-to-school shopping with said husband, I discovered even cooler versions of those classics that add interest to our desk without overwhelming. These gold paper clips at Staples deliver major design bang for their buck (note: the quarter is there for scale). I remembered that I had larger-than-normal clothespins in the back of my craft cabinet, and a few days later, I scooped up these teeny-tiny clothespins at Michaels (Oriental Trading sells a similar version). Now I just need to figure out how to use them...

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