Taste test: zucchini pancakes

by Jourdan Fairchild in

If the meals in our house were left up to my husband, we'd be eating the same three things for dinner: spaghetti, PB&J, and well, that's about it. And he'd be happy as a clam! He's the kind of "I like what I like" person who loves the same Kashi cereal every day for breakfast, the same Subway sandwich for lunch...you know those people. I, however, demand much more variety—in food, fashion, and just about everything—or I get bored.

A few days ago, I picked up some baby zucchini from Trader Joe's (I've been having a baby moment lately, but don't worry Mom, not that kind of baby!). Rather than saute the little guys in olive oil with garlic like I always do, I scoured the internet for cool zucchini recipes. This one, which turns them into mini patties, called for ingredients I already had on hand, and it was super simple to make. Just be sure you serve the pancakes with a dressing or sauce to cut the dryness and spice. Try the original recipe, or do as I did and stir half parts greek yogurt with pesto (a great combo for salmon, too).

PS: We ate them so fast I forgot to take a finished photo. Oops! PPS: Bear with me as I learn to take decent photos of food (hardest. thing. ever.)

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