Saddle up

by Jourdan Fairchild in

When I was an editor at Country Living, I would use the excuse that I shopped flea markets/antique fairs/craft extravanganzas/garage or estate sales "for work purposes." But in this new phase of my life, I'm admitting the truth: I just can't say no. What if I miss out on that amazing, one-of-a-kind find that's just meant to be mine? So last weekend, my friend Kristen and I popped into Chicago's Vintage Garage, a well-curated sale that's held one Sunday a month in an old parking garage. My shopping list included a coat rack and a bar cart, but when I spotted this trio of vintage saddle stools, I was 100% smitten. I immediately wondered a. who owned these beauties b. how did they use them (especially the mini one!). The stitched leather seats look perfectly worn, and the wooden legs easily slip out (aka, they're easy to store, which is essential given our apartment's tiny square footage). So how much did I fork out for them? A whopping $48 for all three! Later, I discovered that Orvis sells a new version that's nowhere near as cool for $129 each—making my deal even sweeter.

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