Make this: painted applique necklace

by Jourdan Fairchild in

The first time I eyed the curves on a wooden craft appliqué, I stopped dead in my tracks. I knew one day we'd meet again, as soon as I could dream up what to do with it (Based on a quick Google image search, I found that most people glue them on frames and affix them to walls above doorways? Weird.). So last night, while my husband hit the books next to me, I went to work on a $2(!) appliqué I picked up on my last Michaels run (here's a similar one sold online). First, I used a drill to make a small hole in each end of the appliqué. Then, I painted it in a free-form manner, covering one curve at a time with gold or black acrylic paint. Why this color combo? It's classic yet current—plus it'll go with practically everything in my closet. FYI: Use the finest paintbrushes you can find. Mine weren't the best, which meant I had to go over teeny mistakes for what seemed like hours. Once the paint dried, I attached a pair of jump rings, a chain, and a clasp to the appliqué with jewelry pliers. The grand total? Less than $5, since I already had most of the supplies. How's that for statement-making jewelry?!

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