A gift worth its weight

by Jourdan Fairchild in

A few times in my early twenties, I considered getting hitched just to have a registry (especially when my hand-me-down hand mixer was on the fritz). While my fake wedding plot never came to fruition, you can better believe that I took my sweet time developing our dream registry last winter. I spent hours upon hours trolling the web, comparing everything from muffin tins to sheets until I found the exact item that fit my "triple a" criteria: adorable, affordable, and adaptable. I honed in on pieces that would withstand moving trucks, changing trends, and hopefully a growing family. And for the most part, our guests picked out gifts from said list (yay!). But occasionally, they veered off course. I would normally never recommend this course of action, but there was one gift that made breaking the rules a-ok. This John Derian paperweight, given to us by my dear roommate's sister and brother-in-law, highlights the exact streets in the East Village of Manhattan where Andrew and I met over three years ago. When I look at it, memories of that night, my friends, and my life in New York flood back. As these kinds of presents don't have to cost a fortune or take a ton of time to make. In fact, I love the idea of highlighting a photo or a ticket stub using a glass paperweight kit or decoupaging a simple glass tray with a map of somewhere special. Because after all, it's those deeply thoughtful gifts that make up our true dream registries.


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