When there's nowhere to go but up

by Jourdan Fairchild in

A friend recently asked me if I prefer living in Chicago than NYC because, as she assumed, Andrew and I have more space. Space? Ha! I think we're predestined to live in teeny, tiny apartments for-ev-er. Our new place (which we were forced to find in a matter of two days during the week before our wedding) is likely the same square footage as our Brooklyn apartment and includes one measly, kid-sized closet for us to share. Ugh! Top it all off with new fancy schmancy wedding gifts, you can imagine the storage conundrums we're facing. But to be honest, I do love how cozy the apartment feels—and the decorating challenges it provides. So, as I come across such dilemmas, I'll be posting away about how I plan to solve them. In this case, I needed somewhere to stash a vintage ironing board (example #245 of a random purchase that I'm still not sure what to do with) plus a rolling pin that wouldn't stay put inside our kitchen island. So I flipped through the rolodex of design tricks in my brain and came to one of my favorites: make use of vertical space. I hung the ironing board from a pair of metal hooks typically used for hanging heavy frames (and tied the board's top to its legs with twine). Then, I wrapped twine around one of the pin's handles and created a loop which allowed the pin to hang from from a nail in the wall.  This combo of items worked because the woods complemented each other, proving that you can display random things on a wall so long as they share a basic color palette or theme. Need more proof? Just check these baskets, hats, and cool cameras.

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