The Blank Wall Project

by Jourdan Fairchild in

It's still hard for me to believe that it took two full, long, exhausting, stressful weeks to unpack and organize our one-bedroom apartment. We cleaned, we painted, we rehabbed furniture. And when I was lucky, I would open a box and know exactly where to place the knick knacks/artwork/fixture inside. But usually, I had to mull it over. Nearly two months have passed, and one space still has me perplexed. It's that ever-tricky wall above the sofa. I tried hanging a framed map of Washington (Andrew's home state), but the proportions were all off.

So, I dreamed up the Blank Wall Project, a concept that felt refreshing and will (hopefully) never get old. All I had to do was measure the space above the sofa, then ask the nice folks at Home Depot to cut a $17 piece of plywood to those dimensions. Andrew took a study break to help me spray paint the board white (and because spray paint isn't sold in Chicago city limits (what?!) we used a Gesso spray). Once the board was dry, we screwed it into the wall at each corner. For now, the board remains blank, but I'm gathering ideas on Pinterest for how to transform it when the mood strikes. So far, I'm thinking painted shapes, blown-up photos, book pages...even a trail of bugs come Halloween.

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