A case of the blues

by Jourdan Fairchild in

In Kentucky, the place I've called home since the age of 8, everyone boasts about their "blue blood." And no, most of their granddaddys were not wealthy horse farm owners. It's just local speak for their die-hard (and I mean die hard) allegiance to the University of Kentucky, a blue-and-white sports powerhouse of a school. Much to their chagrin, I (gasp) am not a fan of UK, but lately, I've sure been dressing like one. Cobalt blue looks crisp, playful, and regal all at once. But rather than go the head-to-toe route, I prefer to use it when I need to add a pop of color: on my nails, wrapped up in a scarf, or by packing my purse with a pencil case-turned-make-up bag. Here are a few more true-blue beauties I'd buy in a heartbeat: vintage candlesticks, sunglasses, and a killer handbag.

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