A more loving mindset

by Jourdan Fairchild in

There are days when I'm happy to rant and rave about a genius craft, delicious recipe, or some cool decorating motif. And then there are days when the struggles of life really try to weigh me down. But rather than focus on the negativity of those experiences and reward the people that choose to be judgmental or malicious, I'm pledging to do exactly the opposite. Inspired by my father, the most devoted and kindhearted man I know, I've challenged myself to think more optimistically. When my Dad sends his weekly text to his children encouraging us to "make magic today for someone," then I owe it to him to do just that. In fact, we all should heed his advice, whether that means complimenting a stranger on her boots, writing a note to a friend, or dropping off a surprise for a neighbor (for inspiration, watch this super-adorable video or flip through this sweet slideshow). Because, to quote my Dad in a letter he wrote to me in January 1985, "being positive—it will make a difference in all our lives."

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