Hey, how'd you do that?

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

One of my favorite aspects of moving to a new city is discovering local gems, from clothing and gift stores to restaurants, coffee shops, and art galleries. Last weekend, my girlfriends introduced me to one such place in Ukrainian Village. Post 27 is a delightful little home to interesting vintage finds like midcentury modern furniture, copper candlesticks, and funky head forms. But what peaked my interest most were the clever, crafty ideas I spotted throughout the space—like this awesome sofa.

In fact, it made me want to start a new column called "Hey, how'd you do that?" In this case, only one material was needed: bleach! The vendor simply tossed some bleach onto the sofa upholstery in a way that looked unintentional but cool. As I told my friend, "I could totally do that!" Another fantastic idea: trace the curves in a piece of plywood using a Sharpie or a paint pen, like they did on this platform in the front of the store.

And here are a few more smart projects—painted wooden strips, a beaker candle, mini forest bookends—that are totally DIY-able. Post 27, I think this is just the beginning of a long love affair.

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