Castles in the sky

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Over the past seven years, I've been looking up a lot more than I did during the first 22 years of life. It's not that I'm always so positive (although I'm taking baby steps to change that)—it's that I now live in a much more vertical world. In fact, according to this article, more Americans are moving to cities full of high rises than they are to suburbs. When I first moved to New York, I had never even lived above the third story of an apartment building. So I was beyond thrilled when my Dad dropped me off at my first Upper West Side sublet...and it sat on the 18th(!) floor overlooking Broadway. My roommate and I would spend hours pressed up against our floor-to-ceiling window, gazing down at the tiny people bustling around below. We felt on top of the world.

These days, I'm more of a small-apartment-with-a-sense-of-character girl, but I still love to learn about skyscrapers. I had heard that Chicago's architecture river cruise was the best, so I went this weekend with my parents who were visiting from Kentucky while Andrew, yep, studied. We bundled up, sipped hot cocoa to combat the cold, and listened to the guide carefully describe the storied buildings lining the banks of the Chicago River. I snapped a few photos as we cruised along, but I could never quite capture the perfect shot. I guess it's nearly impossible to grasp the magnitude and beauty of these superstructures from a photograph, giving you all the more reason to visit them in person.

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