Color scheming at Sprout Home

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

The most popular garden shop in Chicago, Sprout Home, has been on my must-visit list for two months now. Nearly ten years old, this urban oasis offers a little bit of everything—including the coolest, quirkiest, and most beautiful plants and planters on the market. I swung by the shop this week for a quick visit and found myself lingering way longer than I had planned. It felt so glorious to be surrounded by such thriving living things, and I immediately felt a little bit lighter, more inspired, and recharged. I was also drawn to the kalediscope of colors that filled the store. The next time I'm in need of some major color motivation—like when all I can see is snow for days—I know just where to go. I spied bold primary colors,

mustard yellow, burnt orange, feathery ivory, and earthy brown,

mercury-glass silver,

poppy purple, sunny yellow, and vibrant green,

waves of blues, a hint of oxblood and ivory,

and finally, fiery orange in the form of Chinese lanterns. This crazy-looking plant will perk up our sad little porch for a few more weeks, and then look killer when I dry it and display it as a centerpiece. No wonder it was the store's most recenplant of the week on Huffington Post. Now it's your turn: Where do you look for color inspiration? I wanna know!


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