Taste test: Chicken salad waffle sandwich

by Jourdan Fairchild in

What a mouthful! I've been craving and consuming lots of comfort food this fall, so why stop now, right? A few days ago, in an effort to use up groceries but avoid serious cooking, I came up with this recipe. And by "came up with," I mean that I sandwiched one recipe inside another—literally. First, I made the chicken salad. Normally, we Fairchilds are fans of curry chicken salad, but this pecan-cranberry variety sounded perfect for fall. I used rotisserie chicken and skipped the shallots because I didn't have them on hand. Otherwise, I followed the recipe to a T. Then, I made some homemade multigrain waffles by following the recipe on the box of waffle mix. I even tested out a cool egg separator contraption for the first time (you can buy it here). The waffles easily broke apart into halves, plus they were much softer and more satisfying than plain old bread.

Andrew finished his sandwich in .2 seconds, which is always a sign of a successful recipe in our house.

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