A clear case for managing clutter

by Jourdan Fairchild in

You know how I explained in this post that our place has no storage? And I mean nada. zilch. diddly squat. Most bathrooms come equipped with some sort of cabinet, behind-the-mirror nook, shelves etc. Well, ours didn't. We found a vintage cabinet at this adorable thrift store when we first moved in, but I've been tossing the everyday toiletries that didn't fit into a bin above the cabinet. Sure, it looks cute enough....

until you look inside. EEK.

I let this go on for about a month—until I found an acrylic organizer meant for desk supplies at The Container Store. I think it makes a world of difference, and because it's clear, it doesn't add extra visual noise to an already-cramped space. Now I'm considering buying a few more to stash my make-up, nail polish, craft supplies, and even jewelry inside.

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