Business cards that make their mark

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Years before I had an office job, I had business cards. My dad, the most effective networker I know, believed that even high school students could benefit from carrying around simple cards bearing their contact information. And while I might've been slightly embarrassed to hand mine out in the school hallways, I knew he was right. Business cards have a way of hanging around, whether in people's coat pockets or in a pile on their desk. And while I've been meaning to digitize my rolodex for years, I can't seem to toss the cards I've gathered throughout my career. They tell a collective story of the people I've met, the places I've worked, and the stories I've written.

So just a few weeks ago, a friend suggested that I make some cards for my website that I could hand out on blind coffee dates (of which I have many). Because printing on quality paper can get pricey—and because I wanted to create something a bit more memorable—I veered off the beaten path. First, I pulled out the personalized pencils that I shot for the opening image of my website, and then I simply printed labels onto adhesive paper sheets. For each pencil, I cut out a label, wrapped it around the pencil, and trimmed its edges. And finally, in order to mail them out to folks I've recently met, I picked up these colorful shipping tubes that perfectly hold pencils—and only cost .99 cents a pop!

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