Make this: "Framed" cork bulletin board

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Why anyone would install an electrical breaker panel—aka the ugliest metal thing ever—out in the open is beyond me. To cover one in our Brooklyn apartment, I painted a cheap canvas the color of our wall, then stenciled the outline of a light bulb in its center. But this time around, I wanted to put our wall space to work—without having to work too hard myself. The perfect solution: a simple cork bulletin board where I can tack up recipes, project reminders, and inspiring photos. I started by measuring the space I wanted to cover. I unrolled the cork, then cut it according to my measurements. And although I used scissors, I'd suggest using a box cutter and a cutting mat (both of which are on my to-buy list).

To make the board feel more memorable, I created the look of framed corners with paint. I'd seen a similar technique done on a real frame via Pinterest, and I figured it'd be easy and look chic....and it was! To measure and mark the strips on each corner, I used a ruler and a pencil.

Originally, I tried a blue paint because I love the look of navy with tan. But, when the color dried, it looked more primary blue than navy. So, I painted over it with two coats of gold and it looked much better. Whew! Once that dried, I lined the cork's back side with heavy-duty mounting tape.

I'm thrilled with how it turned out, and particularly obsessed with these paper plane thumbtacks. They might've been intended for kiddos, but I think they'll remind me not to take anything that happens in the kitchen too seriously.

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