Jewelry with a new ring to it

by Jourdan Fairchild in

If I had a truly unlimited budget, a big fat share of it would go toward amping up my collection of accessories. I love a colorful statement necklace, a bold cuff, and playful cocktail rings—especially when they make an okay outfit look outstanding. The other day, my ever-stylish friend Kristen was sporting a new trend that peaked my interest: the midi ring. Made to sit between your knuckle and fingernail, these petite pieces can look super sweet. Celebrities like Rihanna have been wearing versions for the past year, but I'd never seen them up close and personal. So I stopped by this adorable shop in my neighborhood that sells the rings (see above photo), and checked out a few online like this one and this set (to wear them as midis, just order the smallest size). I also discovered a few other daring designs, such as palm bracelets (Salma Hayek's a fan), bejeweled ear covers, and exotic hand chains. So tell me, would you try your hand—or finger or ear—at any of them?   

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