Make this: Silhouette shoebox

by Jourdan Fairchild in

On the neat spectrum—with 1 being an absolute pig and 10 being OCD-obsessed—I'd say I fall around the 7-8 range. I can't leave the apartment with things out of place, but dust still lurks in dark corners. As for Andrew...well let's just not go there. But after years of city living, even he has picked up a handful of clean habits. 1. Wash your hands as soon as you enter the apartment (think about what's on those subway railings and you would too) and 2. take off your shoes at the door. It's not that either of us grew up in shoes-off households. But considering what ungodly gunk makes contact with our soles all day long, it just makes sense. Thus, the introduction of our shared shoebox (pun intended).

I'd rather use a vintage crate, but this $12 option from Michaels does a fine job holding as many as five pairs between wears. To give it some personality, here's what I did next:

Step 1: Download an image that shows the side view of a vintage shoeform; size the image to fit your box and print on adhesive paper. Gather additional materials as shown above.

Step 2: Cut out image and position it on box. Peel off paper backing and press onto box; use your finger to burnish edges.

Step 3: Affix painter's tape to box's edges, then coat its side using paint and sponge brush. While one side dries, paint second side. Let dry one hour each; repeat with second coat.

Step 4: Remove painter's tape and carefully peel off the image (I used my fingernails to peel the paper away from the wood). Place box near the door and fill with shoes!

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