Craft video vault

by Jourdan Fairchild in

One of my old job requirements was to spend tons of time scouring the craft world for easy, fresh ideas. And as I've learned over the years, those are the only ones I can actually pull off. I'm a lousy seamstress, and I avoid crochet, cross-stitch, metalwork, pottery...basically anything that requires true skill. So when people like me start on a project, step-by-step videos and photos prove to be crucial (that's why I always include photos with my instructions—and plan to shoot videos in the near future!). Today I'm sharing a favorite new resource: the YouTube channel known as Kin Community. Founded in December of last year, the site features hundreds of adorable DIY videos that run about 2-4 minutes apiece. Whether you want to make felted acorn napkin rings or brush up on your gift wrapping skills, this site's got you covered. Happy watching! PS: And if you need more incentive, crafting relieves stress.

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