Shop talk

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Earlier today, I popped into a crafty new store that I'd read about on Daily Candy. A haven for all Etsy/Renegade Craft Fair/Brooklyn Flea fans, Paperish Mess turned out to be familiar territory for me. But just like those dot dishes I spotted a few months ago, I knew I'd find pieces that stood out from the pack. Jackpot! The above dishes by local ceramist Digit Designs combine beautiful china patterns with the look of faux bois—plus they're dishwasher/microwave safe. Talk about the perfect go-to birthday or hostess gift! I also spotted plenty of smart storage. Crates and ladders serve as shelving, a Chinese checkerboard displays earrings, and wood poles and boards help support everything from onesies to art prints. 

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