Make this: Palette ottoman

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

When my friend Darcy spotted the above palette in her back alley, she knew exactly what to do with it. Naturally, I wanted to experience the transformation first hand. So here's how we prettified the palette in a matter of hours: Step 1: Measure the palette's length, width and depth. Select and purchase fabric, foam, and batting according to your measurements. Step 2: Lay the palette face up on scrap paper. Coat one side of your foam with adhesive spray. Flip the foam over atop the palette and press in place. 

Step 3: Lay the batting on the ground. Flip the foam-topped palette atop the batting. Starting on one of the palette's long sides, wrap the batting around the palette, pulling the batting so that it's taut. Use a staple gun to affix the batting in place. Note: It's helpful to have a second set of hands to pull this off. 

Step 4: Repeat on the palette's other long side. For each shorter side, fold the batting over itself as shown and staple in place. Trim excess batting away, then flip the palette right side up.

Step 5: If necessary, iron the fabric. Lay the fabric atop the palette until it's positioned how you like.

Step 6: Holding the fabric in place, carefully lift the palette to expose one long side; staple fabric in place atop the batting. Repeat on the other long side. For the short sides, repeat the folding and stapling technique (and due to the gaps in the center of the palette's shorter sides, you'll need to use safety pins to pin the fabric to the batting).

Step 7:  Lay the palette right side down. Align and drill a mounting plate atop each corner following package directions, then screw each leg into the plate. Prior to this step, Darcy stained unfinished legs from Home Depot a dark wood color to make them look more rich (and we all signed the bottom of the palette so we'd always remember our work!).

Step 8: Flip the palette on its legs and top with a tray and fun accessories. Darcy and her roommate, Erin, were thrilled with the finished product!

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