All in a day's work

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

For the past seven years, I commuted to and from an office. Sometimes I worked such long hours that my cubicle (top right) nearly became my bed (bottom left). These days, my place of work is usually the bottom right image. And apparently, I'm not alone. I read that by 2020, 29% of workers will be telecommuting. The pros: I wear my pajamas far longer than when it's socially acceptable. I can write while I do laundry and save money by eating lunch at home. The cons: zero social contact, distractions at every glance, and working alone on every project. This article reminded me that I should get dressed before I turn on my laptop, and that I must stay focused and organized to be successful. I'm not sure how long I'll last in this set-up, but it sure has been a nice change of pace. If you had your choice, where would you choose to work?

PS: I recently did this project from home for one of my favorite craft blogs last week. Thanks so, so much, Cathe!!

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