Turkey day, the diy way

by Jourdan Fairchild in , ,

As the smells of roasted brussels sprouts, homemade apple crumb pie, and maple-glazed sweet potatoes filled the air yesterday, I pulled off some quick projects before we broke bread—and convinced my darling niece to help. First, we rolled up napkins, then tied them off with feathers and baker's twine. Don't ya think these colors look so much fresher than the typical orange, yellow, and brown?! Then, using the same feathers, we crafted headdresses. I cut out two strips of scrap fabric, then had my niece draw symbols on the strips that she just learned in kindergarten (a bow and arrow, a teepee, etc). Next, I flipped the strips over to attach a row of feathers with hot glue. To make the head pieces easy to wear, we glued velcro onto each strip's end. Did you DIY on turkey day? Do share!


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