A room of (a little) one's own

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Ask me to describe my childhood bedroom, and I can tell you exactly where I played with my American Girl dolls, where my pointe shoes piled up in a corner, and where I curled up to make long, meaningless phone calls during middle school. A quick poll of friends proves that I'm not alone. Whether we bunked up with siblings, slept in teeny tiny nooks, or had space to host full-fledged fashion shows, these rooms reflect the most precious years of our lives. Yesterday, I had the pleasure of visiting the bedroom of a sweet little girl named Nora. Her super-cool mama happens to be the editor of DailyCandy Kids, so Nora and her little sis Lila have the major hook-up when it comes to toys. But what I loved most was that Nora's room felt playful enough for a four year old, but also truly chic. The room's crisp, white walls provide a neutral backdrop for colorful homemade decorations, while a fireplace, a sofa piled-high with pillows, and rows of built-in bookshelves would make any grown-up jealous. I think we'd all agree that Ms. Nora is one lucky little lady.

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