Glitter that hits the spot

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

Last week, I suffered from a bit of blog blaséness. I'll blame it on my new family in Washington, who kept me entertained with skiing, sleigh rides, and an abundance of food and wine. Before we left Chicago, I had crafted and photographed my latest installment of the Blank Wall Project for New Years. So even though I'm super behind on sharing it, perhaps it'll provide some last-minute inspiration—or spark ideas for 2013. Inspired by this idea by another Chicago blogger I follow, I started by coating one wooden disc at a time with this special glue, then immediately following the glue with a coat of gold glitter. I let each disc dry for several hours, then coated them all with glitter sealing spray. To affix the dots to the wall in a random pattern, I relied on my trusty glue dots. Cheers! 

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