Country Living sledding party

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

As my recent posts reveal, I've admittedly warmed up to winter this year. Typically, I grumble and groan from December till March (seven years of NYC winters will do that to a Southern girl). But now, I'm spoiled with a car that allows me to escape the wind, rain, and ice. Plus, this is the punniest Chicago winter on the books. So rather than play in real snow, I'm letting my memory take me back to a photo shoot from last year in the great state of Maine. Country Living asked me to write the story, which was a collaboration with the wonderful Kate Martin of Beautiful Days Events, and it's finally out in the February issue! Although the snow looks abundant, we barely had enough on the ground to pull it off. Leave it up to genius photographer John Dolan—who also shot my wedding for CL!—to make it look truly magical.

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