Day dating my husband

by Jourdan Fairchild in

The Dream:

The Reality:


I'll never forget my first date with Andrew. He surprised me with cupcakes, escorted me to Central Park, and as soon as we sat down to eat them, his nose starting bleeding. I raced to the nearest hot dog stand for napkins, and once he cleaned up, I asked where we were going next...maybe to get real food? Next? Well, he hadn't thought that far ahead. I was already smitten, so really, he could've said we were going to the corner pizza place and I would've been perfectly content. We've had many, many dates since then, and I think we'd both agree that those nights are essential to sustaining our relationship. So when I read this piece in the NY Times this weekend, I felt incredibly frustrated. How has the dating game become so desolate? I sure hope that if we have a daughter, some young fellow will want to take her on a date. I've resolved to start make everyday occurences feel a bit more special. Today, I packed lunch for the two of us. Sure, we ate in his medical school cafeteria, and he studied for a quiz most of the time. But most importantly, we enjoyed just being together, which is all that really matters. 


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