True love in lights

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Over the past month, I've been trying to create more moments of love, no matter how brief they may be (à la my cafeteria-style lunch date). And I think we'd all agree that can be tough amidst the daily stresses of life. Besides dealing with crazy schedules, we've also been monitoring our budget more closely. So when it came time to do a new installment of The Blank Wall Project, I decided to only use supplies I had at home. Wouldn't you know that I adore this idea better than my other four? Because when Andrew and I snuggle up on the couch after dinner to read (him: a neuroanatomy textbook, me: New York magazine (yes, I still get it in Chicago)), the glow of the heart above us is just too sweet for words.Although I couldn't take complete step-by-step photos (I needed my hands to hang and tape the paper in place), I took shots of the three toughest steps. Start by measuring and marking a sheet of kraft paper to your desired dimensions. Flip the paper right side down, and lay a string of lights atop the paper. Arrange the lights to form a heart shape in the paper's center; use masking tape to affix the lights in place.Using a screw, slowly create a hole in each point on the paper where you'd like the light to poke through. Tape each light in place and continue around the heart until it's complete. Cover the lightbulbs that won't be poking through the holes (the ones hanging down the center of the heart) with black electrical tape so they won't shine through the paper (I discovered that I needed to do this step later, so I don't have a photo of it. Sorry!). Grab an extra set of hands to carefully lift the paper and hold it against the wall, right side facing out. Tape the paper in place using washi tape. Add a second layer of tape for good measure. Finally, to prettify the remaining string of lights, wrap the cord in a light pink or white yarn.  Even with the lights off, I'm in love!




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