Alphabet soup

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Until I moved to New York, I never craved soup. But when that first long, very cold winter hit, I became a major soup supporter. I quickly learned from my cash-strapped coworkers that it's the cheapest thing on any lunch menu, plus it's pretty hard to screw up. But I never would've considered using soup to send messages. Check out this heartwarming photo series of the tomato-dill variety by the lovely Jennifer Burchett, a family friend—and fellow blogger—who once owned a restaurant in downtown Lexington, KY. From funny (Booya, I'm looking at you) to sentimental (read the last sentence below), every design tells a short story. Here are my favorites, plus how and why she does it, in her own words:  "The evolution of my soup art is crystal clear: I've included the good, the bad, and the ugly. I started by pouring the cream out of the carton, and when they turned out badly, I'd turn them into Rorschach contests for my Facebook friends (the best comment would win a quart of soup). Then I started using a little dropper, and I learned that if the soup cools a bit, the surface tension will hold the cream better. But it still has to be done quickly because the cream will spread if I take my time. My favorite one is the candle that I did on the day of the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut. I also like pouring out messages to friends. I created "See Bob Run" when my friend was training for a marathon, and "Go Erica" when another friend was facing chemo like a champ."



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