Make this: Emoji stationery

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Dear inventor of emoji,Thank you for inventing such adorable little graphics that have brought great joy to my texting life. Your keyboard has made my adult friends and I feel as giddy as schoolchildren—while serving as a fantastic tool for procrastination—and for that, we all applaud you. In a miraculous feat of perseverance and persuasion, I even convinced my husband to jump on board (and then I promptly sent him this article). Keep it up. Sincerely, Jourdan

PS: In an act of true love (and possibly lunacy), I made some DIY emoji stationery that's easy to recreate. Use the graphics to congratulate a friend on a new job or wish someone a happy birthday—or just string a bunch of hilarious images that make absolutely no sense. Can you figure out what the ones below say? PPS: Don't worry about cutting these out perfectly (mine sure aren't). That's clearly not the point. Step 1: Download the emoji keyboard. Take a photo on your phone of each emoji page you'd like to use. Step 2: Email the photos to yourself; open each photo and take a screen grab of the graphics. Step 3: Paste each screen grab into a Word document, resizing as necessary; print out the pages on adhesive inkjet paper. Step 4: To create round stickers, use a penny to trace a circle around the graphic. Step 5: Cut the graphics out, remove the paper backing, and stick the graphics onto card stock, tags, or blank cards.  

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