For keeps

by Jourdan Fairchild in

The blog world is all abuzz these days about the recently redesigned keep.comFor those of you not familiar with it (like myself until last week), it's essentially a shoppable Pinterest. When you come across an item you want to buy on the web, you press your "keep it" button in your bookmarks bar and the item will get added to one of your boards. But unlike Pinterest, you'll always be able to trace where the item came from. I'm planning to continue using Pinterest for ideas and inspiration shots, and for products I'd like to purchase. And you can follow featured keepers like Maxwell from Apartment Therapy (see below) and InStyle for inspiration—or just keep the shopping to yourself! PS: In unrelated technology news, I'm also obsessed with Twitter's new video sharing app, Vine (despite its apparent porn problem). Are you a fan? 

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