Slow and steady

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Here's the truth: I've been feeling some anxiety lately. Each morning, I spend a good chunk of time reading my favorite blogs, and I'm always inspired to do more frequent, bigger, and more beautiful posts. But when I step away from the computer, I feel frustrated that I just can't keep up. I mean, some sites have dozens of posts per day (aka Refinery 29, which I deeply love but can never seem to get through). Life is a true juggling act, with our work obligations, social life, and relationships sometimes all up in the air at once. And that's ok. I recently reminded myself that like a few much-more-established bloggers (Erin and Joy) recently scaled back their blogs, and that I too could stick with a more simple approach. I tend to believe that quality should trumph quantity anyway. So don't expect to see a flurry of rapid-fire posts coming from me anytime soon. I'll be writing when I want to—not just because I feel the need to do it.


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