Put your foot on it

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Ever wondered what's in the crap that comes off of the bottom of your shoes? Blech. I'd rather not know. Due to the latest round of wacky weather, we've been tracking in more crud than ever (although we're pretty good about using our shoe box). So I picked up an outdoor floor mat for $2 at Home Depot and then spruced it up with the help of a handy cookie cutter. Mine was a shoe shape, but paw or foot prints would be adorable too. Just promise to ignore our ugly metal porch, ok?    Step 1: Place a cookie cutter (this one's from the Band of Outsiders line with Target) atop a piece of computer paper; trace the shape with a pen. Repeat until you have enough shapes to cover a mat. Step 2: Cut out the shapes; arrange along the mat. Apply tape to the backs of each shape. Step 3: Using acrylic paint and a paintbrush, trace around the outer edge of the shape (I used gold paint pen on one shape just for kicks—ha!). Let dry for one hour and repeat with additional coats. Coat the mat with a clear spray sealer.

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