Make this: Marbled paper dreamcatcher

by Jourdan Fairchild in

If memory serves me right, my first dreamcatcher came from a little shop in Chimney Rock, North Carolina. Just down the road from our family lakehouse, this tiny town is home to general stores, bakeries, and what my family lovingly refers to as "junk shops." As kids, we went nuts for rabbits' feet, gag gifts, and Native American-inspired goodies (to this day, we still make pit stops when we're in town). My first junk shop dreamcatcher was of the simple, mass-produced variety, wrapped in beads and leather strips. It wasn't worth much at all, but it made my little heart sing—and for years, I proudly displayed it above my bed to ward off bad dreams. Many, many moons later, I've created a more understated (yet equally inexpensive) version with an embroidery hoop, twine, and a sheet of marbled paper.Step 1: Starting at the embroidery hoop's metal clasp, wrap the twine tightly around the hoop. Once the hoop is fully wrapped, cut the twine and apply hot glue to the cut end before carefully pressing it in place.Step 2: Cut a long piece of twine, and holding one end against a random point on the hoop, begin wrapping the twine around the hoop in the path of your choice. Make sure to wrap tightly as you go. Once you like the arrangement, use hot glue to affix the other end of the twine against the hoop. Step 3: Download and print out a variety of feather shapes; cut out the shapes. Step 4: Flip the paper right side down, and flip a feather shape right side down atop the paper. Trace the outline of the shape onto the paper with a pencil. Step 5: Cut the shape out of the paper. Cut slits into the paper to give it a feathered effect. Repeat with additional shapes. Step 6: Cut as many long pieces of twine as you have feathers. Hot glue the end of one piece to the wrong side of a feather. Repeat with additional feathers. Step 6: Wrap the twine pieces around the hoop, tying loosely in place to determine placement. Once you're satisfied, cut the twine ends and hot glue the ends in place. PS: Aren't those marbled paper feathers the sweetest?

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