Drink this: Pomegranate & lime splash

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Ladies and gentlemen: I'm thrilled to introduce you to the lovely Katie Meyers of Meyers Styles. In honor of that holiday that's just T-minus 3 days away, she concocted this lovely red cocktail for us. Pomegranate plus lime sounds super refreshing, and I know my girlfriends would agree. Thanks Katie! "Hi friends! I'm thrilled that Jourdan has allowed me to guest post on her site today and even more thrilled to be sharing one of my favorite cocktail recipes with you. Now, although many of us spend Valentine's Day with our honey (or, you know, sometimes with a bottle of champagne and box of chocolates), I think it's just as important to celebrate the holiday by toasting to special friendships! I recently invited my girlfriends over for a Bubbly Brunch and let me tell you, it felt like Cupid struck our party because this cocktail was a hit! I hope you enjoy this drink which is a surefire way to continue spreading the love year-round."

Ingredients: Pomegranate juice  Champagne or Prosecco (Zonin is one of my favorites and at a great price point!)  1 lime cut into slices  Pomegranate seeds

Instructions: 1. Fill each glass ¼ way with pomegranate juice.  2. Top off the glass with Champagne or Prosecco.  3. Insert toothpick into a slightly bent lime slice and rest on top of the glass.  4. Gently top lime slice with pomegranate seeds.

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