Hi! My name is...

by Jourdan Fairchild in

Notice anything special about the blog today (Hint: look above)? YES! I finally named this blog! And it only took me 162 days. Why? Well, for a while, I was stumped on a name. I'm definitely not a "Sparkles and Sunshine" type of gal, and all of the clever design puns were taken. So what about my own name? While I love Jourdan, it's nearly impossible to work with. And my maiden name/current middle name brings up too many memories of bad jokes from childhood (Crouch...crotch, you get it). But my brand-spanking new last name had major potential. I immediately thought, "All's fair in love and war!" Um, no...too depressing. "Fair-weathered friend!" Let's hope I'm not that. And then I stumbled upon "fair share." Fair share! It works because it's been my goal since day 1 to offer up a fair share of the things in life—ideas, designs, people, places, and products—that inspire me most. And while it sometimes takes me longer than other blogs to develop in a bigger, faster way, it's pretty satisfying to know that I'm doing this whole thing on my own (with occasional IT help from the husband). I'd love to hear what you think!PS: This slideshow of animals waving hello will make. your. Friday.


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