Cheers to Katie (plus super cool decor)!

by Jourdan Fairchild in

I've spent the past few days in Virginia with family, and yesterday, I vineyard hopped with my soon-to-be-sister-in-law Katie and her friends. As we sampled the wines, we smelled for notes of pear and peach and tried our best to taste those complex finishing spices. One tour guide even explained how he likes to personify wine. "This red is like that voluptuous, older Italian woman who owned the restaurant in Grumpier Old Men (aka Sophia Loren)." I'm totally planning to adopt this practice myself. At the second vineyard, Veritas, we ended our tour in a room that had obviously been spruced up for an event. Not only was the ceiling draped in white fabric, but huge white balloons hung throughout the space. Isn't the effect so cool? (By the way, I tried finding a source for these balloons, and here's a site with lots of options.) I also took a photo of the girls under this awesome wire sign that spelled LOVE in corks—which was especially fitting since we were celebrating Katie's upcoming wedding. So happy I could join in on celebrating this beautiful bride-to-be!

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