State of happiness

by Jourdan Fairchild in

If you happened to watch the Today Show this morning, or read, you heard about this study that analyzed 10 million tweets to determine the happiest and saddest towns in the country. I think it's clear why Napa, California ranks at the top: They're all happy drunks! But, once again, the South ranks at the very bottom with the two saddest states of Louisiana and Mississippi. If you've ever been to either, you've surely encountered jubilant folks there (I'm talking to you LC :)). We Southerners already know all too well that we rank highest in obesity, poor test scores, smoking rates (my homestate of Kentucky is the worst), and a myriad of other negative attributes—but we don't let it hold us down. I've lived my adult life out of the South, and I definitely appreciate it more now that I'm gone. One of my favorite writers, Julia Reed, wrote this funny article a few years ago defending all things interesting and unique about Southern life. To her, happiness is clearly a state of mind, and I wholeheartedly agree.

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