Popping the question...to your bridesmaids

by Jourdan Fairchild in

I'm one of five kids and Andrew is one of three, so our bridal party was a family affair—plus a best friend or two. And even though they all assumed they'd be included, we still wanted to ask them in a creative way. So we printed out funny vintage wedding photos on card stock, then used a typewriter to type out phrases like "Will you be my bridesmaid...if I promise not to make you wear an ugly dress?" (I just wish we'd snapped some photos before handing them out!) Andrew and I had a great time making them, but honestly, it took forever to align the typewriter and not screw up a letter here and there. So for brides with less time and patience to spare, I'm a big fan of these gorgeous notes by our own fantastic stationery designer, Allie Peach of allieruthdesign.com. She worked so very hard to make our wedding look cohesive, and I'm thrilled that her designs will be featured in our wedding story in this June's Country Living magazine—which I'll be sharing with you once the issue is out on newsstands!

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