Hooked on clothespins

by Jourdan Fairchild in

I lived in New York for seven years, and have been gone for seven months. And when I returned home this weekend from my trip there, I felt seven years older. For real. It was easy to slip back into the old speed of life, but lord, did all that go-go-going take its toll on me. But I did get to meet some really nice, smart, interesting people, and visit new-to-me spots like Haven's Kitchen in Chelsea and the perfectly quirky, beautiful Soho showroom of Shipley & Halmos. I also snapped a few photos of some cool window displays, including this one made with clothespins at Madewell (if you didn't know, I <3 clothespins of all shapes and sizes). To pull this off yourself, just clip pins around thin poles in a twisted fashion. I also think the pins could look awesome spelling something out on a chain-link fence. Here are other artful display ideas from the world wide web—plus one really rad sculpture in Belgium:

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