The art of the interview

by Jourdan Fairchild in

One of the perks of being a journalist is getting the opportunity to chat with really successful people. I've been honored to interview Olympic athletes, Pulitzer Prize-nominated authors (when I interviewed Maya Angelou, I seriously felt like I was speaking to God), and expert designers, chefs, authors, celebrities, etc. In general, people love talking about themselves, especially when you get them going about their passions or pet projects, ie their home, their work, their kids. In most cases, I stick to the questions I've written long before I ever pick up the phone. But in those fleeting moments before the microphone is on or when the conversation gets interrupted and you see or hear them react to something in the background, you can get a teeny, weeny glimpse of who they are and what they might really be like in "real" life. You might've already seen the video below with Mila Kunis and an adorable British reporter who, from the get-go, simply avoided any type of script about her new movie. It's incredibly refreshing to see Mila in such a natural state, and a great reminder that an honest conversation can go a long, long way. [display_podcast]

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