Sweet antlers

by Jourdan Fairchild in

In an effort to speed up spring's arrival, I pulled out some floral fabric and my glue gun...and went to town on a pair of antlers. Was it a bit crazy? Yeah, probably. But I think the result is totally worth sharing. I decided to hang my horns from rope, but I think they'd make awesome coat or jewelry hooks if you felt like securing them to your wall (we rent, so we're limited). I also discovered that hot glue can easily be pulled off of the antlers, so you can just cut and unravel the fabric when you tire of it. I'm picturing leather-wrapped antlers for the fall, white felt ones for the winter...Step 1: Cut long strips of fabric; mine measured about two feet in length and an inch or so wide. Step 2:  Using a hot glue gun, apply glue to the end of one fabric strip and press it in place so that it aligns with the antler's flat end.Step 3: Wrap the strip around the antler, and secure the strip's other end in place with glue (feel free to add glue when needed to keep the strip secure). Step 4: Continuing wrapping and glueing new strips of fabric around the antler. Once covered, stand the antler up on its flat end; trace, cut out, and glue the fabric circle to the antler's end.Step 5: Repeat to cover the second antler. To hang the horns from rope, simply wrap them just below their flat ends, securing the rope with hot glue. 


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