Shop talk: Red Pineapple

by Jourdan Fairchild in , ,

Sometimes I daydream about owning my own store. I think I'd get a rush out of planning what I wanted to sell and then hunting down really cool stuff. I picture a mix of vintage and new finds, clothing and furniture, textiles and fixtures. But as any shop owner will tell you, it's so, so much more involved than that. I was in St Augustine, Florida last weekend for the wedding of my brother-in-law Stephen and his beautiful bride Katie. Let me tell ya, that is one charming little town! One shop in particular named Red Pineapple caught my eye. Like so many new stores founded in this post-Anthropologie-era, this spot featured a variety of items displayed in creative ways. Check out how necklaces are draped on oversized bottles and watches are wrapped around vintage spools. I'm already envisioning a dresser in my future life topped with a cool collection of vintage bottles + jewelry. The next time you browse through a shop, keep your eyes open to interesting arrangements and then mimic them in your own home!


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