A blooming Blank Wall Project

by Jourdan Fairchild in

I've been swapping out mini installations above my sofa over the past six or so months (favorites include this one and this one). But given the depressing weather/news lately, my latest idea desperately needed to be bright, cheerful, and obviously cheap...which led me to one store. It starts with Party and ends with City. And I struck gold thereā€”in the wedding aisle of all places (yep, most of what's there is b.a.d.)! But I landed on some mini white wedding bells that, when flipped upside down, resemble tulips. I raced home, painted about 15 of them with neon acrylic paint, and cut green painter's tape for stems and leaves. The neon hues make the whole thing feel modern, and honestly, our apartment feels so much fresher. When Andrew saw it, he even asked "Can we keep this one up for a while?"

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