Design challenge: empty bedroom wall

by Jourdan Fairchild in

It's totally natural to have commitment issues when it comes to your walls (hellooo BWP). So when one of my all-time favorite gal pals, Marly, asked me for advice, I was happy to do some more blank wall brainstorming. She moved into a beautiful brownstone in Park Slope, Brooklyn more than a year ago, but the wall in her bedroom remains empty. "I want it to feel warm and not so stark, but still be in line with the neutral, calmness of my room," she says. Here's her wall: And here are a few shots of her room:How adorable is her "It's OK" banner? And that gray feather painting is an ode to our days at Country Living. I painted that bad boy along with several others one weekend, then proceeded to spill the leftover paint can all over the back of a cab on the way to the office. Worst. Day. Ever. But I digress. Marly, like her bedroom, has an effortless, classic style. She's one of those girls who always look stunning, no matter what she's wearing. So I wanted to make sure these ideas didn't look like they were trying too hard. Here's what I came up with, in no particular order.Clockwise, from top left: 1) A vintage flag of some sort could look really interesting, as could a bunch of vintage maps from her home state of Wisconsin layered over one another. 2) I love these framed handkerchiefs. A grid of 9 in complementary, softer color palette could look beautiful inside white Ikea frames. 3) I love the idea of faux butterflies arranged in clusters to look like they're flying (this is an awesome site for faux butterflies en masse). 4) This patchwork design is made out of paper cut into triangles. A big grid of these in neutral colors would be awesome.Clockwise, from left: 1) I've always loved the look of wooden clipboards, plus the versatility they provide. Marly could print out photos from her Instagram account and display them here, or clip fabric swatches, drawings, or inspiring fashion shoots (she's a copywriter at Saks). 2 & 3) A single long stick works well as a way to hang bags, coats, etc. And by painting the stick with cool colors and patterns, she'd give it extra personality.Clockwise, from left: 1) Simple items taped along the wall can look sophisticated (this is my favorite example). Since Marly already has a feather theme kinda going on, additional feathers could look cool—especially in prettier colors than brown. 2) In honor of her love of words, Marly could hang a wall's worth of book pages. 3) These scrabble tiles stay in place thanks to teal, magnetic paint. Marly could get this effect without the paint by affixing the tiles with sticky dots. Stay tuned to see which solution she selects!

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