Make this: Drawer liner coasters

by Jourdan Fairchild in

In one of my very first posts, I featured a round-up of materials from Home Depot that I thought would make great craft projects. I bought a roll of drawer liner that day with plans to do something with it soon. And then, well, life happened. I rediscovered the roll the other day, and my mind started racing about how to put the stuff to good use. I was drawn to the cool weave-like pattern of the liner, plus the fact that it's rubberized and can withstand moisture, dirt, etc. Coasters seemed easy enough to make—and I was right! I cut out some triangles, glued them onto a sheet of foam core, and used a box cutter to cut them out.Here's how to do it yourself:Step 1: Gather your supplies. Step 2: Use a ruler and a Sharpie to draw a triangle on the lighter side of the liner. Step 3: Cut out the triangle. Repeat for additional coasters.Step 4: Determine which liner side you'd like to show (I did three of each side). For each triangle, apply hot glue to the side that won't be showing and affix it to the foam core.Step 5: Lay the foam core atop cardboard. Use a box cutter to cut out each triangle.Step 6: Finish by using the box cutter to clean up the edges. 

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