Inn love

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

In my old life—aka BC (before Chicago)—The Today Show was part of my morning routine. But now that I work from home, the tv stays off most days to keep distractions at bay. This morning I cheated for a few minutes and caught a segment with Travel and Leisure about beach getaways for Memorial Day. One inn made it onto their list looked so fantastic that I had to find out more. The Salt House Inn opened this month in Provincetown, Massachusetts, one of the towns on the tip of Cape Cod, with rooms starting at $150. This is the kind of place where I'd not only want to stay, but it actually makes me long to own a b&b of my own. Can you imagine the fascinating people you'd meet? We're staying in a b&b (for $50 a joke!) next week in Istanbul, and I can hardly wait to see how one's run overseas. What will they serve us for breakfast? How will the rooms be arranged? And will it look as chic as the Salt House Inn? See their dreamy photos below, which bury the idea that b&bs are stuck in a former decade, at least when it comes to decor.   

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