DIY for days

by Jourdan Fairchild in ,

Now that our wedding story is out, I'm finally allowed to post extra photos! I thought it'd be fun to share some that I snapped in the crafting process, which started almost as soon as we got engaged and led up to wedding day. When it comes to planning, I say you either need time or money. We had a fairly tight budget for all that we wanted to accomplish, especially since we knew we'd be inviting around 250 (!) people. But we had time...well, we made time. I was working long hours and Andrew was finishing his master's program while applying to medical school. But every weekend and on the occasional weeknight, we worked on our to-do list, whittling away at decisions, ordering supplies, and testing out crafts. I printed out inspiration photo after inspiration photo, which I kept organized in a 3-ring binder, and when I tired of the idea, I ripped the sheet out. Eventually we had enough solid ideas that I could present them to my boss at CL for approval. You see, when we decided to allow the magazine to photograph the wedding, I had to make sure that they'd find the ideas worthy of a story (no pressure, right?). We practically DIY'd every single element that we could, from programs to a guest book to gift bags.

And what we didn't physically make ourselves, like invitations and our save the date ribbons, we spent hours brainstorming, researching options and working on test samples. Using Andrew's web design skills (he spent summer 2010 convinced that creating websites was his next career), we  built our own wedding website over Christmas break. And from the very beginning to the very end, Andrew was present in every sense of the word. I may have been the brains behind many of our ideas, but he was totally the brawn. When ideas didn't always work, we quickly jumped shipped and formulated new ones. 

Our entire family pitched in to help in the final weeks, including the sweetest niece ever who helped in the form of foot massages. Sadly, a few ideas were abandoned (or ruined) in the rain, like the oversized craft paper ribbons we painstakingly made to hang on outdoor columns leading to the ceremony site. But overall, making things ourselves made us feel more invested in the day, connected to each other, and thrilled to show our guests what we'd created as a couple.

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